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Ashley Woods

Annual Meeting


North Carolina law requires the Property Owners Association hold a meeting once a year to which all Owners are invited.  The POA conducts its Annual Meeting each fall. 

The Board considered hosting an in-person meeting for 2021, but with death rates rising at an alarming pace, we decided it would not be prudent. While some neighbors might feel comfortable in such a setting, we are sure others, who might have medical conditions of which we are unaware, would have reasonable objections to such a meeting.  We do not think it is fair, or possibly even legal, to hold an in-person meeting that some neighbors will not or cannot attend.

So, reluctantly, we will hold our 2021 Annual Meeting by email, as we did last year.  North Carolina law (§ 55A-7-08) states that “any action that may be taken at any annual ... meeting of members may be taken without a meeting if the [POA] delivers a written ballot to every member entitled to vote on the matter.” 

The 2021 Annual meeting correspondence was emailed to property owners on October 28, 2021.