Ashley Woods POA

P.O. Box 124

Skyland, NC 28776

Ashley Woods

Ashley Woods Ground Committee (AWGC)


The Ashley Woods Grounds Committee was established in the Spring of 2020 to initially address the persistent inadequate drainage issues in the park.  It wasn’t long before committee members started identifying other grounds’ concerns and potential improvements.  Our evolving focus is to take a comprehensive long view of our shared community spaces, incorporating input from Ashley Woods residents, and encouraging volunteer participation in projects where appropriate.  

Additionally, the AWGC plans to conduct quarterly reviews of community spaces to identify maintenance and repair needs, and to promote safety and the enjoyment of these spaces.

After careful consideration of four bids, we are happy to report that our POA signed a contract with Asheville Drainage on January 27 to correct the drainage challenges in our park.  Work is expected to begin sometime in March!  Our muddy corner of the park will soon be remedied!

If you are interested in working with the Ashley Woods Grounds Committee or if you notice anything that needs attention in our community spaces, please fill out this form and the AWGC will review your request.


Dan Ford, Board Liaison

Dean Headley

Steve Lister

Pat Hillmann Shields

Catherine Wright​