With the Preservation section having a cohesive look, any mailbox replaced on Carolina Bluebird Loop, Nut Hatch Loop, Ball Gap Road (east side) and Ashley Woods Drive (east of Ball Gap Road) should be replaced with the same mailbox.

Currently, property owners can order new mailboxes from GOT IT WHOLESALE.  Select "Just Country" (MB200) for single mailbox or "Premier" (MB600) for double mailboxes.  Property owners in the Preservation Section who have a double mailbox (MB600) may replace the unit with two single mailboxes (MB200).

If your mailbox is showing signs of wear, consider using Rustoleum Hammered Finish (black), which is available at Lowe's.  It is a thick paint specifically designed to hide imperfections on metal surfaces and can be applied directly over rust.  Make sure you chip off any paint that is ready to fall off and be careful to apply using a slow, steady hand.  Don't keep brushing as you would regular paint or you will smooth out the hammered look.  One quart (brush on) or 2 spray cans will be plenty for two coats on a double mailbox.


Ashley Woods POA