The Park


    * Park is private property.
    * Park is available for use by

       Ashley Woods residents only. 
    * Children under 7 must be

       accompanied by an adult. 

The pavilion may be reserved for special

events by residents.  Please check the

Pavilion Page and sign-up accordingly. 

As a reminder to all residents (especially their children), the park should be accessed using the lower portion of Carolina Bluebird Loop.  The homes/lots on upper CBL should not be used as "cut-throughs".


One look at the Ashley Woods park today, and most would assume it's been that way since Ashley Woods was first established in 2000.  However, you would be wrong!

Original property owners will remember the days when the "park" was a beautiful spring-fed pond and the snapping turtles that took up residence in the pond.  However, in February 2008, we learned the pond's earthen dam was failing and the POA faced a critical decision:  keep the pond (drain the pond and repair the dam) or create a park (drain the pond and capture the water underground).  While easy on some levels and hard on others, the decision was unanimous: Ashley Woods needed a community space. And so began the creation of the park. (And the "turtle relocation project"!)

For the small handful of property owners who were involved since the beginning, the process was lengthy (exhausting at times), but one look at the park today confirms it was well worth it!  Ashley Woods has a purpose-built park that is beautiful.  We can't begin to describe the volunteer hours that were invested in the creation of the master site plan; researching, bidding and selecting play structures; overseeing their installation; constructing the pavilion; working with landscapers; watering grass seed and lugging around hundreds of yards of hose; watering trees and plants; and so much more.  Many thanks to the 30 property owners who volunteered their time from 2010-2011.  We couldn't have done it without you!

Ashley Woods

Ashley Woods POA

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Skyland, NC 28776