2020 Board of Directors
Jim Pritchett, President
Laurel Barbour

Dan  Ford

John Pearson

​Carl Sillman

Property Owners Association

All Ashley Woods property owners are members of the Ashley Woods Property Owners Association (POA).  As such, property owners agree to be bound by the Association's Conditions, Restrictions and Protective Covenants, By-Laws, and Rules and Regulations when they purchase in this neighborhood.

In April 2008, the Association voted to amend By-Law Article 5.2, thus enabling the Board to expand to a maximum of seven board members if it chooses and stagger terms accordingly to ensure Board continuity from one year to the next.  In May 2008, the Board voted to expand to five positions and appointed two at-large board members.  In October 2019, the Board resolved to further amend Article 5.2 to promulgate a policy of staggered terms to ensure that at least two (2) board members remain on the Board in any given year.

Today, the POA is governed by a 5-person volunteer Board of Directors.  These board members have a fiduciary duty and are obligated to enforce the Association's governing documents.

Ashley Woods POA