Ashley Woods POA

P.O. Box 124

Skyland, NC 28776

Ashley Woods

Political Signs

There have been a number of political signs placed at the entrance to our neighborhood. They have been removed and then replaced, and the police have questioned neighbors on NHL several times.

The POA owns a strip of land running beside Brevard Road north of the entrance.  North Carolina law allows one to place political signs on state right-of-ways, but the person placing the sign “must obtain the permission of any property owner of a residence, business, or religious institution fronting the right-of-way where a sign would be erected.” G.S. 136-32.

So, no political sign may be placed along Brevard Road without our permission, which has never been given. For purposes of clarity, and to have something on the record, as well as to have something to give the police the next time they show up, the Board has adopted the following resolution:

Resolved, the Ashley Woods Property Owners Association, which owns land that fronts the State right-of-way for NC191 both north and south of the neighborhood entrance, hereby declares that no permission has been nor will be given for the placement of any political sign in front of or on land owned by the POA.

We hope this helps to clarify this matter.

updated 10-5-2020